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Simple stretches & Trigger Points to do at your desk for stress reduction and pain management.


Start with deep breathing. Allowing your belly to expand on the inhale and contract your belly on the exhale. Also known as a relaxing breath or diaphragmatic breathing.

Roll your shoulders backwards and forwards.

Raise shoulders to your ears and hold 30 seconds and release.

Neck stretch - Place right hand on the left side of head and pull towards the right shoulder. Exhale as you stretch. Alternate other side.

Stand on your right leg and raise your left knee as high as you can. Hold for 3 breaths. Alternate with your other leg.

3. In the seated position, place the tennis ball under your thigh, finding the sore spot and press. Move ball from side to side. This will help if you have tight hamstrings. (A common culprit in low back pain)

4. In the seated position, place the tennis ball behind you on the sore spots in the middle and low back area. Press into the back of your chair. Do not press into your spine. Only press into the muscles on both sides of the spine.

5. In the seated position, place the ball on the upper part of your shoulder and press into the chair. For an even deeper pressure point stand up and press tennis ball into a wall. Do not press ball into spine.

6. In the standing position next to a wall, find the sore spot on your right forearm and press with the tennis ball. Press into and hold for not more than a minute. Repeat with the left side.

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